When Cities Talk is an attempt to create a “Human Urban Atlas”

We are Marina and Carlos. After deciding we were going to spend a month in 2012 traveling by train, it occurred to us to seize the opportunity to create something worthwhile. We decided to visit different cities in the United States and try to capture their essence through the stories of those who live there. From New Orleans we traveled to Washington DC, Philadelphia, New York City, Boston and Chicago, and recorded a few stories in each town to start our atlas. The idea is to publish these stories as a way to get people from cities all over the world to join us by submitting a story of their own.

This project was funded 50% through Kickstarter, and 50% through our own funds. To all of you who contributed or will contribute, thank you very much. Visit our facebook page and like us to receive updates as we start publishing the stories we collected in our trip.